Instant Karma: Why I Don’t Feel Bad For Women Who Hit Men and Get Hit Back

There has been a myriad of topics I have come across on social media where never-ending arguments spark that just won't die. Grits: savory or sweet? Trump: Orange Hitler or threat to the status quo? Racism: dead and buried or alive and well? So. many. topics. I, like most people, have opinions on them and … Continue reading Instant Karma: Why I Don’t Feel Bad For Women Who Hit Men and Get Hit Back

Random, Randomer & Randomerest, Take 1

Thoughts I've had and captured like Gargamel wishes he could Smurfs... Being tall is so weird. Especially as a woman. People find the need to mark your arrival with awkward stares and even more awkward commentary. Random stranger: Hey, you're tall. Me: *blank stare* Random stranger: I always wanted to be tall. Me: *blank stare* … Continue reading Random, Randomer & Randomerest, Take 1

Perception: A Quick Reminder About The Human Experience

Maybe at one time or another in your life you've read or heard the phrase "perception is everything" by some well-meaning elder trying to drop some seeds of knowledge on that oftentimes barren, dry mass of gray matter ensconced between your temples. Right? Ring a bell? No? Well, whether that phrase resonates with you or not I'm here to tell you: Perception is everything. I repeat, perception is everything. Don't believe me? Okay. I'm willing to allow you your right to disagree with me because I'm a fair person. However, I'm willing to bet you that after a bit of focus on the phrase itself, the meaning behind the words in it and a few cleverly displayed examples, you'll be inclined to believe me.