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Janét Jones, also known as  Illadelphia Vish or simply Illy Vish, is a Philadelphia-based writer, blogger, hostess, emcee, lightworker, poet, performer and a student of Astrology, Metaphysics, and Hermetics. She is currently a frequent contributor to Mamabee, where she writes articles on Astrology, Spirituality and current events. She loves making and listening to music as well as creating everything from logos to websites and merchandise. She is the owner of Gaia Concierge & Virtual Personal Assistant Services where she leads a team of multi-talented professionals who help entertainers, small business owners and busy professionals get everything done that they don’t have the time or staff to do. Illy has a passion for helping others by encouraging them to be their best selves and is very active assisting people to achieve their personal and professional goals.



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