My “I Don’t Do Christmas” List

DISCLAIMER: This is not a post intended to bash anyone for celebrating Christmas, so please do not pre-bunch your panties uncomfortably into the crevice of your arse. Thank you!

Alice and I thank you!

We are in the midst of the holiday season and as is customary, I am enthusiastically standing on the sidelines watching everyone else freak out about Christmas, Christmas shopping, Christmas decorations, Christmas trees and people not being in the Christmas spirit. This “sideline stance” is one I’ve taken since around age 27 when the Universe blessed me with my Saturn return and forced me to puke up all previously digested notions of who I was, what I was doing and why.

I, like most people who grew up celebrating Christmas, absolutely adored the holiday and was surrounded by people who did as well. As several personal events with family and my spiritual awakening kicked me in the ass, my enthusiasm for Christmas waned until I decided I simply didn’t care about it.

I don’t go around shouting at people, telling them I don’t care about Christmas but whenever people find out that I don’t give a flying fuck about it, they act as if I decided to remove breathing from my daily schedule.


I find it ridiculously ironic that I go out of my way NOT to belittle, begrudge or berate anyone opting to participate in the celebration of the biggest holiday of December, yet when some who celebrate it find out that idgaf I don’t really care to go about decorating and spending all my money on presents they take to belittling, begrudging or berating me. Whatever happened to getting what you give? Sheesh!

Anyway, I do compromise a bit in that I am not above participating in a Pollyanna nor will I keep my mouth shut when asked what I would like as a gift.

Pollyanna gift-swapping is only a smidge Christmasey, right? No? What if I don’t wrap the gift? Ok, whatever.

Yes, I am so super serial. I don’t give two fucks about celebrating Christmas but if you buy me a gift, I will take it and if you ask me what I want for Christmas, I’ll have a few answers for you. Here is my “I Don’t Do Christmas” List.



As a person who made the decision roughly 5 years ago to dive into the beautiful and mysterious depths of Astrology and is now a practicing Astrologer, I love coming across products that allow me to use the practice in unique ways. Enter Astrodice.

I initially came across this product when a YouTube video popped up into autoplay that showed a woman reviewing them. I tucked the notion of being interested in them into the back of my head until recently when I came across yet another autoplay YouTube video review of them.

The way these dice work is they contain 3 dice; one representing the Planets, one representing the Zodiac signs, and one representing the astrological houses. The dice are used as a divination tool which best helps to answer open-ended questions. Essentially, the planet di describes what is happening, the sign di describes how, and the house di describes the area of your life affected. The dice also come with a booklet to aid in interpreting and a small crushed velvet baggy for storage.

I would love to try these out as part of my astrology readings and feel I may be able to understand this divination tool better than I do tarot, which I am still learning.

I was able to find the dice for only $6.09 with free shipping on Amazon. Check it out:

Razor Pen


As I approach my countdown to doing the big chop (yes, I’m gonna actually cut off my hair and begin growing it again), I have become more and more intrigued by the idea of being able to create “hair tattoo” designs. I don’t really have any other reason other than my just wanting to take my creativity to another level so this pen looks like it would be helpful in doing just that.

Golden Tarot Visconti Sforza Deck


My fascination for learning tarot has had me come across many a tarot aficionado and many a deck being used for readings. This one just screamed at me for some reason and I’m willing to bet it’s because of what the listing for it says:

The tarot deck included in this beautiful set was commissioned around 1451 by the Visconti and Sforza families, and it is one of the oldest tarot decks in existence. The images on the cards have been faithfully recreated, showing members of the Sforza and Visconti families in period garments. The borders of the elegant cards are adorned with gold metallic ink.

Historical and a tool for divination? I’ll take it!

Giant Wu-Tang Poster


Anyone who knows me knows how much I love The Wu. Growing up my room was plastered with posters, pages pulled from various rap magazines and hand-drawn W’s. As I return to enjoying decorating my space, I’ve been on the lookout for what I deem to be necessities in the realm of Illy Vish required decor. This is one of them!

Lepidolite Selenite Wand Necklace


The first crystal I ever bought myself was a fabulous wire-wrapped selenite wand necklace. Known for bringing mental clarity and even for cleansing other crystals, selenite called to me, demanding I own it. Unfortunately, during my most recent move, I lost my beloved necklace and have been on the lookout for a replacement ever since.

This necklace has both selenite AND lepidolite which is known for its anxiety-reducing properties. As an empath who is very sensitive to the energy of others, I often experience anxiety when I’m around other people and am dealing with the influx of their energy. This feels like a  wonderful find for me!

So, there’s my short “I Don’t Do Christmas” List!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it! What’s on your list?

2 thoughts on “My “I Don’t Do Christmas” List

  1. I’m just now finding myself in the middle of that questioning, changing phase where for the first time I just don’t care about any part of Christmas, and am so tempted to make this year my last. My family doesn’t like any kind of change, though, and doesn’t really know I’m pagan, so I worry that making that change will only end up causing me more misery than happiness. How did the people in your life take your decision to forgo Christmas? I know you said you get push-back when you mention it to others, but what about the people who assume you’ll be part of their traditions every year?

    1. For me the transition wasn’t too hard as I already begun distancing myself from most of my family physically and it became clear that my spiritual beliefs made some rather uncomfortable. Some distanced themselves, even taking to deleting me on social media. I realized I was challenging the very core of their lives, particularly when it came to announcing I was no longer Christian and that I had a very specific way I viewed Jesus that was more figurative than literal.

      I think you should most certainly stand in your truth and aim to be as respectful as you can. If you are no longer moved by the need to celebrate Christmas, do not go against yourself. I know this can be difficult given most people will assume you’re going to keep family tradition, but to thine one self be true. If you don’t feel comfortable announcing it, perhaps try simply declining invitations to celebrate the holiday when asked and say that your belief structure has changed. From there if you feel compelled to, you can explain why and what you now believe. Just remember some people have a severe reaction to change or anything that upsets life as they know it but remember this is a reflection of them, not you. Don’t take any negative reactions personally. It gets easier once you’ve made your position clear. Best of luck to you!

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